Correcting Temperature Variations Throughout Your Home

Most houses have them – the so-called “cold space” or “hot spot.” No matter what temperature you set your thermostat to, these rooms never compromise on comfort and still feel cooler than the rest of your living space in the winter. This place is slightly colder than the rest of your house in the summer.

Constantly changing your thermostat settings in an effort to make every room comfortable is a challenge, but don’t worry – temperature fluctuations are very normal, particularly in older homes with low insulation and thin walls.

Why Do Temperature Variations Occur?

Variations in home temperature are caused by a number of causes. The location of a room is very important. If the room in question is the furthest away from your heating and cooling system, less airflow can reach it than in nearby areas.

In the winter, you might be unknowingly allowing cold air into the room, which contributes to the temperature fluctuations you encounter. Windows and doors with cold air blowing in require holes to be caulked and worn-out weatherstripping to be replaced. Upgrading to energy-efficient windows can assist in maintaining a constant temperature in your house.

The size of a room has a significant effect on maintaining comfortable temperatures. Maintaining temperature equilibrium in a wider space is more challenging. Rooms that receive all-day sunshine are likely to feel warmer than dark rooms. During the winter, opening the shades and blinds allows the warmth of the sun to enter the room. To keep a room’s temperature stable throughout the summer, use sunscreen or keep blinds closed.

To combat these problems, use a programmable thermostat like the Lennox iComfort® S30 ultra smart thermostat. This thermostat aids your heating and cooling system in efficiently distributing air throughout your house.

Maintaining Home Comfort

Consider the latest iHarmony® zoning method if constant thermostat changes and temperature fluctuations in specific rooms distract from your indoor comfort. This zoning scheme allows you to independently monitor temperatures in up to four zones in your house. Maintain comfortable temperatures in all areas based on their individual comfort requirements.

Do you want to warm up your living room for a night of family fun? Want to keep the kitchen cool while dinner is cooking? The iHarmony® zoning system, when combined with Lennox® heating and cooling equipment, gives you the ability to precisely redirect airflow where and when it is needed.

Reduce temperature differences between rooms and encourage your whole family to enjoy their favorite comfort settings in their own spaces. A zoning system paired with a programmable thermostat will reduce energy costs by up to 35%!


Contact your air conditioning installation contractor today to learn more about tackling unpleasant temperature fluctuations with the iHarmony® zoning system!



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